• New Car Buying Guide

Florida New Car Buyer Guide

If you are one of the many Florida State motorists that is in the market to purchase a new vehicle for yourself or someone else you will find this easy to understand guide helpful.  There are many benefits in purchasing a new vehicle and 4dmv.com outlines them here to help you make an informed decision.

Why Purchase A New Car?

Purchasing a second hand car can sometimes be dangerous.  Without a thorough background check of the vehicle it is possible that you could end up with a lemon.  On the other hand, with a new car you have the advantage of warranties, the Florida State Lemon Law should you purchase a car that is a lemon and you have the security of the most updated safety features.  Driving a new car also feels good!  There is prestige in a new vehicle and there is the style of the latest technology!

Another benefit of a new car purchase is that you have less paperwork.  With a used car you are responsible for all the paperwork yourself.  When purchasing a new car the auto dealer does the majority of the work and you can concentrate on matters like finding affordable insurance for your vehicle. 

Paying For Your New Car

New cars are more expensive than used cars.  However, with the many dealer discounts and rebates and low financing rates they are often affordable.  A new car is safer on the highway then older cars and there is the status that goes along with a new car.

When shopping for a new automobile it is important to know your credit score.  This will provide you the information that you need in order to take advantage of the best financing deals.  Often time’s dealerships will offer the best financing rates provided that your credit is in good condition.  If your credit is not, you should consider repairing it prior to purchasing the new automobile. 

Also, never go outside of your budget.  If a new car becomes a prison, then it is not the investment that it should be.  Spending all the money you have for a new car is a bit frivolous and you definitely need to reconsider the purchase. Experts suggest that you should not spend more than 20% of your monthly income.  Once you have decided whether it is feasible to purchase a new automobile you will want to ask yourself the following three questions:

How much can you afford as a down payment n the vehicle?

How much can you afford to pay each month in payments?

How much should you spend on the total price of the vehicle?

Remember that the selling price of the vehicle is not the final price.  There will also be taxes and titling and other miscellaneous expenses.

What Type of Vehicle Are You Looking For?

Lifestyles play a large role in the type of vehicle that a person will purchase.  Should you have a large family then you will want a vehicle with more searing. Once you determine the type of vehicle you need then you can begin to shop the various dealers for the different makes and models and the best deals. 

How To Shop For Your New Car

To shop for a new vehicle, you must know what you want.  The State of Florida has some wonderful dealerships that are sponsoring fantastic financing for consumers.  You should also know the vehicle’s value when you shop.  Is it going to lose ½ of its value in the first year?  Consider how functional the vehicle is.  Will it be fuel efficient?  Is it environmentally friendly?  Does it come with warranties that make the offer sweeter?  There are many things to consider before you purchase a new vehicle and you definitely want to take each into consideration.

New Car Research-Is It necessary?

When you purchase a used car you definitely must do a thorough background check on the vehicle, but, is it necessary when you purchase a new car?  Although it is not necessary, it is a good idea. 

Researching a new car is a bit different than a used car.  There are no service records on the vehicle or any former owners.  The research will involve checking on the vehicle’s mechanics, logistics, and performance ratings as well as it reputation.  Online reviews can help as well as other automobile resources such as magazines and auto forums.

Lease or Buy?

The option to lease a new vehicle is available to those in the market for a new car.  However, consumers must know the facts in leasing a vehicle.  Often times there is only a set number of miles that you can drive each year.  The vehicle must be in a good condition when you turn it in.  When a consumer leases a new car the car remains the property of the dealer, making repairs easier to handle.  However, when the lease is up the lessee is back to square one.

Online or In-Person?

With the innovation of the Internet many auto dealers jump onboard and are now offering discounted services to purchase online.  Should you be considering purchasing online you should be aware that you will not be able to evaluate or test drive the vehicle first and that you will not receive the personal attention as you would through an auto dealer. 

New Car Incentives

Today’s market offers the consumer many dealership and manufacturer rebates, discounts and bonuses to purchase a new vehicle.  Rebates, discounts and bonuses can lead to $1,000’s off the purchase price.  There are also tax credits that are offered by the government for purchasing an environmentally efficient vehicle that promotes clean air. 

Shop the various dealers for their rebates and other incentives to shop for the best deal in the vehicle you are wanting to purchase.

New Car Taxes and Fees

The cost of the vehicle is not the final price;   you will be required to pay taxes and fees in the State of Florida.  Titling and tagging are additional fees that are handled by the dealer but the cost goes to you.

Florida State Lemon Law

The State of Florida has a Lemon Law to protect consumers from purchasing defective automobiles. The Lemon Law applies to new car purchases only.  Should you purchase a vehicle that is continuously giving you trouble then you may be eligible to have the vehicle fixed or replaced free of charge.  For more information on Florida State Lemon Law visit 4dmv.com’s Lemon Law Section.


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