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Florida Lemon Law

Florida has a Lemon Law in place to protect motorists that have purchased defective automobiles.  The law is titled the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act and is responsible for helping motorists that have purchased lemons to obtain a refund or a replacement vehicle.  The law is for new vehicles only, however, and when purchasing a used vehicle you are not protected under the law. 

If you have purchased a lemon or are on a long term lease and have received a lemon then you will be eligible for arbitration provided:

  • The defect of the vehicle must impair the vehicles operation or be a safety risk
  • The car must have been served three or more separate times for the same defect or be inoperable for at least 15 cumulative calendar days because of the defect.

If the above applies, then you will need to obtain a MVDN - Motor Vehicle Defect Notification form

To correctly submit the form you must:

Send the MVDN by express or registered mail and request a return receipt.  By doing so, this allows the manufacturer of the vehicle 13 days to remedy the situation prior to action.  Should the manufacturer fail to remedy the situation then you are free to seek arbitration.

Before seeking arbitration determine if your manufacturer offers state-certified arbitration for defective vehicles.  If they do provide the program, begin there.  If they do not, then seek resolution through the Florida New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board.  Florida provides a Lemon Law Hotline at:



You can also request for an Arbitration Package

Your request will be reviewed and should it be granted a hearing will be scheduled within 40 days.  It is important to be prepared with all documentation on the vehicles including all service repairs and the dates the vehicle was non-operational.

For more information visit:  Florida Attorney General

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