Delaware DMV Driving Records

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Delaware drivers have a big advantage when they order their DMV driving records. DMV records are a past history of your driving offenses and convictions and are a valuable tool to individuals, businesses and insurance companies.

Whatís On Your Delaware DMV Records?

Delaware DMV records are a complete history of all citations and convictions you have incurred while behind the wheel for a specific amount of time. Your DMV driving records will show all traffic tickets and violations, as well as driverís license revocations and suspensions, accidents that you have been involved in and all departmental actions that have been taken against you. The Delaware DMV utilizes a point system, and each traffic ticket and violation is allotted a specific amount of points. Drivers that obtain their DMV driving records have the advantage to check their driving record against faulty recordings. Human error does occur, and drivers can have tickets and violations on their record that do belong to them. Itís also not a bad idea to check the status of your driverís license or the marks that are recorded on your DMV record to determine if any of these marks can be eliminated through the completion of a traffic school.

How to Obtain Your Delaware DMV Driving Record?

Delaware drivers, just as employers and insurance companies, have two means to obtain DMV driving records.

  1. Find your DMV records at your local DMV office.
  2. Obtain your DMV driving records online.

If you choose to obtain your DMV driving record at your local DMV office, you must visit the office in person. Visit our Locations and Hours section to determine the hours-of-operation of your nearby DMV, as they will not take requests for these records by mail or online. You will be responsible for the processing fee and there may be a wait time while the records are retrieved and mailed to you.

Should you choose to obtain your records online, it is crucial that you work with a reputable DMV records vendor. has partnered with, to provide Delaware drivers and insurance companies with accurate and up-to-date DMV driving records that are affordable received in a timely manner and are affordable.

Employers in need of employee DMV driving records are also encouraged to order DMV records via, as they allow businesses to create accounts for multiple logins and future orders. is a trusted source in the industry and one that is happy to be partnered with.

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