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When your driver’s license expires, it is time to get your license renewed so that you retain your privileges to drive. While there is a license expiration date provided on your photo license card, you are still mailed a renewal notice when you are close to reaching your license expiration so you don’t forget.

Renewing a Valid Driver’s License

If your driver’s license is still valid, you are given all available options for license renewal, unless there are new requirements for you such as a vision exam or written exam retake. There are often times three renewal options offered for your license, which include:

  • In office renewal
  • Mail-in renewal
  • Renewal online

There are different processes for commercial license renewal than for those with a standard driver’s license, which you can find instructions for online through 4DMV.com’s CDL driver licensing pages.

If you want to check your current license status in the state, you are able to get a driver’s history report from the DMV or online, with several online driver’s report sources offered.

Renewing an Expired Driver’s License

If your license expires, so does your privilege to drive. You don’t generally have a right to drive, as it is a privilege granted by the DMV through your driver’s license – so if it is expired, you are breaking the law if you get behind the wheel and operate a motor vehicle.

There may be penalties assessed on late license renewal, and if you are caught driving without a valid license, the penalties increase to traffic offenses that could include fines and jail time, as well as a delay in your eligibility for a renewed license.

Renewing a Suspended Driver’s License

If you commit an offense that causes your license to be suspended, you are required to follow the steps instead for license reinstatement which will include:

  • Appropriate documentation of suspension conditions met
  • Fees and fines paid in full
  • Time length specified in traffic court satisfied
  • Proper identification documentation

There are special steps you must follow for reinstating the license, which may be indicated by the court that orders suspension.

Mailed License Renewal Notice

You are going to receive a notice in the mail alerting you of your upcoming license expiration date. This notice will also indicate the fees for renewal, processes offered, and any special requirements to meet before renewing your license.

If you don’t receive the notice, you must contact the DMV in order to obtain a new notice or a renewal form, which can be then used for completing the renewal process.

Online License Renewals

In most states, online renewal isn’t offered to those who meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • Current information on license requires a correction or change
  • License is currently from out-of-state
  • No photo on current license card
  • You do not have a major credit card or other accepted form of online payment

If you are offered online renewal, you can complete the process by following these steps:

  1. Visit the site offered for online license renewals.
  2. Enter your driver’s license number.
  3. Enter your birthday.
  4. Enter your Social Security Number.
  5. Pay your renewal fee, with a list of fees found online or on the renewal form.

License Renewal by Mail

Mail-in renewals require the notice is sent with your payment, which is a requirement you cannot skip. If you didn’t receive a notice, it is essential that you contact the DMV and obtain the appropriate notice or form to complete your renewal by mail.

In-Office Renewals

If in-office renewals are offered, you can simply bring the notice, your current license, and the costs for renewal, completing the process all at once in front of a representative that will take a new photo and provide you with your new card.

If you are in the military, you will want to check with the DMV to see what sort of options are offered to you while you may be deployed or stationed in another U.S. state. This can help you maintain your driver’s license even though you can’t be in the state to do so.


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