Get accurate and reliable Colorado DMV driving records within minutes at the most reasonable costs with 4DMV.com. You can receive DMV records in Colorado instantly online with several different third-party providers that specialize in obtaining your records quickly and conveniently. These providers will offer a membership or a one-time fee for your DMV driving records, which will show various infractions of your driver history in Colorado, depending on the source you use. While you may get a full history from one provider, another may only provide a brief abstract, which doesn't show everything that you should be able to see. In some cases, the DMV can offer the most detailed DMV driving records, but you won't receive it as quickly as with these internet sources – which is why they are often a good choice if you would like instant access to Colorado DMV records.

Colorado DMV driving records are also referred to as an MVR report, which will detail the history that is your driving past. This history is used by insurance companies when calculating your rates, by the DMV when assessing tickets and violations and whether or not you are eligible for suspension of your license, and by employers as well as they need to determine whether you would be an asset to their company. While the main companies to perform these checks are those offering driving positions, there are many other employers these days that also check these reports for a basic reference to your responsibility and actions through time.

Certified vs. Online Colorado DMV Driving Records

  • While your MVR in Colorado is considered public record, you will have to follow the right steps to receive these reports whether you are the driver or the employer of the driver. Your Colorado DMV driving records contain information detailing your driver history for 7 years past, which means that even those mistakes you made way back when are coming back to haunt you.
  • You can find your DMV records through an independent vendor, or you could choose to receive a certified record from your local Colorado DMV office in person or by mail request.
  • www.4SafeDrivers.com

Ordering Personal Driver Abstract from CO DMV

  • If you decide that you would like to order your own Colorado DMV driving records through the DMV office, you can visit the local office nearest to you, but make sure first that the office you choose offers reinstatement services. You could also choose to send a written request by mail, including your license number, full legal name, and your date of birth to one of the offices offering these services.
  • You will only be able to get a certified driver record from just any reinstatement serving driver's license office. However, you can get your certified DMV records by mail if you send your request to the following address:

Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles

  • Driving Records
  • 1881 Pierce Street
  • Lakewood, CO 80214

Ordering Another Driver's DMV Records from CO DMV

  • Only employers and those who are involved in a court case currently pending are provided the ability to retrieve DMV driving records from the DMV for someone else. In order to request the records, you must first complete and submit the Requestor Release and Affidavit of Intended Use.

Why Order Driver's DMV Records in Colorado

  • There are many drivers that utilize their DMV driving records to determine their current license status or to verify their license has been suspended. However, there are other reasons commonly used for getting these records, which include:
  • Calculating driver license points and present violation codes.
  • Checking for traffic tickets, convictions, violations, and any fines assessed or needing payment.
  • Checking for past auto accidents.
  • Checking for classification and/or endorsement.

Driver DMV Records Effect on Your Auto Insurance

  • Before an auto insurance company will approve or deny an application for a policy, your driver records will be checked. If these DMV records show many violations, several tickets, accidents, and other bad news, you can bet that you will be paying a much higher premium for your policy if you are even approved a policy. On the other hand, if your records paint a picture of good choices and judgment on roadways with few discrepancies, you can expect much lower rates, and even bonuses these days.

See what's in your DMV driving records - check the status of your license.

Call the Colorado DMV for more information on ordering DMV records at (303) 205-5613.

To find your local Colorado DMV office, visit the Colorado Office Locator.

See what's in your driving record - check the status of your license.


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