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Is it time for your Colorado license to be renewed? If so, you know how important it is to collect the right information to be sure that you are completing the process and renewing your driver’s license in a short amount of time that doesn’t take away from your day, and with the preparation you need to do so. 4DMV.com can help you collect your forms and complete the process in a time frame that allows you to do whatever you want with your time instead of sit in the DMV office all week.

Determine CO License Status

  • Once you reach the age of 21, your Colorado driver’s license renewal is required every 5 years in order to continue your valid driving status in the state. For minors under 21, your license must be renewed after you have reached the age of 21, no more than 20 days after your birthday – regardless of the date your license was issued.
  • Whether you are due for renewal or not, carrying Colorado auto insurance is required for all drivers at all times, with the 4DMV.com online insurance center offering a bunch of information that can help you with your policy purchase.

License Still Valid

  • If your license is still valid, you can renew CO Class R license or Class M endorsements either by mail or in person by visiting your county driver’s license office. To find out whether your license is still valid or if it has been expired already, you could obtain a Colorado driver’s record through the DMV office or online also.
  • If you are renewing a commercial driver’s license, you will want to view 4DMV.com’s commercial driver’s page for the best information and instructions.

License Expired

  • If you are renewing an expired Colorado license, there is no late fee incurred – so go ahead and take a breath. However, if you are found in operation of a vehicle while your license is currently expired, you will receive a citation and have to deal with the consequences of your actions – which is why it is best to renew before your license is expired as you are given the opportunity to.
  • Renewal with an expired license is offered either by mail or in person just like if your license was still valid, however, if you allow your license to remain expired for longer than one year, you will have to retake your written and road exams to renew the license. You can find your license expiration date on the front of your driver’s license, or you can just check your CO driver’s record.

License Suspended

  • If your license is currently suspended, you can only reinstate at the local DMV driver’s licensing office if your suspension was for unpaid tickets in or out-of-state, unpaid child support or too many points accumulated on your license.
  • Any other type of license suspension can only be renewed by postal mail, which you can find out more about through the DMV customer service center at 1-303-205-5613.

License Missing

  • If you can’t find your license, you will need to have it replaced before you can do anything more. To find out what to do to replace a Colorado license, visit 4DMV.com’s license replacement page.

Colorado License Renewal Notice

  • You will be mailed a driver’s license renewal notice when you are nearing your license expiration date. This notice will indicate your renewal options, including mail-in, online, or in-person renewals. If you haven’t received a notice and your expiration is near, call the driver’s licensing office near you.

Colorado Online License Renewal

If your license is still valid or has not been expired for over a year and if you have a valid email, you are eligible for online license renewal in Colorado.

However, if any of the following apply to you, your license cannot be renewed online:

  • Under age of 21 or over age of 65
  • Your last renewal was completed online or via mail-in
  • Your license can be tied to a U.S. immigrations document
  • You must submit immigration papers for renewal
  • There is a medical restriction present on your driving file
  • You have no Social Security number recorded with DMV
  • CDL renewals
  • Present outstanding judgments or records on your file
  • The DMV has a returned check in your file
  • You are required to complete a written exam for renewal

If you find that you meet the requirements and haven’t been disqualified from online renewal, or if your notice indicates that an online renewal is an option for you, you can begin the quick and simple process.

  1. Visit the Colorado Online Driver’s License and ID Card Renewal System
  2. Have your driver’s license handy for information
  3. Pay necessary fee with Visa, AmEx, or MasterCard

You will receive your renewed driver’s license by mail in a maximum of 30 days.

Colorado Mail-In Renewals

If you find that you meet the eligibility requirements for mail-in renewal, you will receive the application at least 90 days before your license expires, but you can also download the application online by visiting https://www.colorado.gov/vroom/renewlicense/index.jsf, which will also indicate your eligibility for a mail-in application to download.

In order to complete the process:

  • Complete the Renew by Mail application form.
  • Write a check to Colorado DMV for a total of $21.
  • Mail the form to the Department of Revenue by using the address found on the application.

Once you have sent in the application and your fees, you will receive your license between 2 to 3 weeks later.

In-Person Colorado License Renewal

If you rather just visit the DMV to renew your license or if you are not eligible for the other options, you will need to gather your documents and fees.

  • Colorado Driver’s License
  • Social Security Number or Proof Thereof
  • Cash, Check, Money Order for $21

You will be then given a temporary driver’s license to utilize until your new license is received by postal mail in about 2 weeks.

**In-person renewals will require vision exams to be completed.

Updating Driver Skills

It isn’t a requirement to utilize the driver supplement courses that are offered in Colorado, but they really do help you to hone your driving skills for better use on the roadways of Colorado. You will find that every few years your driving skills could use a little practice, especially with the addition of new state laws and procedures.

While there isn’t a specific school to use for your driver training courses, you could definitely find the companies offering these classes that are approved by the state. You will find that many insurance carriers will lower your auto insurance rates for completion of these courses.


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