CO Voter Registration

Once you reach the age of 18, there is a world full of rights handed right over to you. This includes the right to vote, which requires that you register first. In the state of Colorado, there are different rights offered to those that reach 18 years old, including the need for registration with the Selective Service Program for men in the state, and Colorado voter registration for participation in local and national held elections for all residents 18 and older.

Colorado voting registration is not, by any means, any type of required duty that you must follow, but it is really too easy to avoid and can provide you with a way to really make a difference. While you may think that your single vote really has no bearing on the outcome, just think if it were to be a tie and your one vote was to be the tie breaker.

While you can register for voting in Colorado by visiting the DMV, you will find that there are other government affiliated services you will receive in the state that will offer the chance to register for Colorado voting as well.

First-Time Colorado Voter’s Registration

  • There are times in Colorado when your first time voter registration can be done at various places including outside the grocery store to in-school at the local college campus and more. This is often a response to the voting frenzy that occurs when the national elections are underway.
  • When local and state elections come into play, the best place for voter registration for the first time is registration by mail or through the CO DMV driver’s licensing office while you are renewing, replacing, or applying for a first time license or ID in Colorado.

Colorado Voter Registration by Mail

  • The CO voting registration forms are offered online through the Colorado Secretary of State, which can be found at Elections and Voting. You are able to complete the form while online, print it out, and mail in to the county clerk in your area, which you can find by visiting Elections and Voting.
  • The online completion form to print is found at  Elections and Voting.
  • In order to complete registration, a driver’s license, ID, or other accepted form of ID must be photocopied and attached to the application you send by mail.

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