CO Replace Registration

Having your proof of vehicle registration requires that you carry a small piece of paper that can surely find its way lost into oblivion. In fact, many people may lose their registration papers from time to time, and will be required to replace CO registration as soon as possible to ensure they don’t incur costs due to a simple mistake. Even if your registration documents are damaged or have been stolen from you, your replacement is as easy as contacting the DMV office in your county by phone.

Before you give them a call, be sure to collect the right documents:

  • Insurance Policy Card or other Proof
  • Colorado Driver’s License or DL Information
  • $2.20 fee by Credit Card

Misplaced Colorado License Plates

  • It’s always possible to misplace your license plates whether you have taken your vehicle to a shop and removed the plates for a safeguard turned bad or didn’t tighten the bolts enough to ensure that they didn’t fly off on an off-road adventure. It is also quite possible to damage the plates to the point they are no longer able to be read, causing you to need a replacement as well. In either case, getting new plates is pertinent if you want to continue driving in Colorado.
  • In order to start the process, you will have to visit the county DMV office with the damaged plate, or anything that may be left from the plates, if anything, bringing along your Colorado driver’s license and vehicle registration in order to ensure that you are able to prove you are the owner of the plates. Your original license plates will then be cancelled, with a new set issued with various fees per county.

Stolen Colorado Plates

  • If you have lost your plates due to lose screws, rough driving, or any other reason, it is something that just happens – but there are other times when theft is the culprit and you will have to take other measures to be sure that you are fully protected from identity theft and other issues related to stolen plates.
  • If you just don’t want to seem silly for losing your plates, it is best not to go through the process for stolen plates as it not only wastes your time, but that of others as well. However, if you are sure or strongly believe your plates to be stolen, you can obtain an Affidavit for Lost or Stolen License Plates found online, bringing to the county DMV with your license and registration.

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