CO Vehicle Code

The Colorado Revised Statutes, which serves as the Colorado Vehicle Code, is a very well written publication offered by the Colorado DMV, filled with vehicle and driving legislation for the state. These statutes are a combination of the various efforts by lawmakers who meet every January in Denver to decide just what laws should be placed over motor vehicles and drivers in the state. For this reason, you can find updates, new laws, and other changes to the code, giving drivers a reason to always check the resource, which is available online at Colorado Revised Statutes.

While this is a key document for the courts, the lawmakers, and the attorneys in Colorado, this is also a key publication for drivers that may need to check up on the state statutes at one point to ensure that they fully understand the laws that affect them with a more basic explanation of the laws entailed.

CO Vehicle Code: Title 42

  • There are 43 chapters of the Vehicle Code in Colorado, with Title 42: Vehicles and Traffic concerning laws and regulations pertaining to motor vehicles. This is often a good resource for those that may be appearing at a license suspension hearing and wish to know just what they are dealing with, especially if pursuing an appeal against previous verdict. In these cases, the hearing officer is also going to utilize this section of the code in order to determine the appropriate sentence for the charge.
  • You can also find the Colorado vehicle statutes to be quite essential to consumer protection and rights when it comes to vehicle sales, purchases, and other matters and transactions.

Reading the Colorado Traffic Laws

  • The code contains various statutes which each are assigned a specific numeric code and title. For a change of address, you would reference 42-2-307: Change of Address. From the number you are able to see the Title of the Code, or chapter, the Article of the code, or section, and the Part of the code, or sub-section.
  • After you see the numeric code you will find the details of the law following after, with a clear and distinct coverage of all that the law entails. You will find that some laws are more detailed than others, may contain more elements and other information than other laws, but these are mostly used for the hearings and serious legal matters concerning motor vehicles and drivers.
  • For the latest revision of the Colorado Revised Statutes, don’t forget to visit the website, which are the effective laws for Colorado for 2010/2011.

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