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Owning and operating a motorcycle in Colorado is going to carry different processes for registration and licensing, if they are even needed for your motorcycle. There are different rules and requirements for these riders, who will have to follow the Colorado motorcycle processes exactly in order to get their license and operate the bike within Colorado.

Not sure if your bike requires registration or if you are required to hold a motorcycle license in Colorado? Did you know that Colorado doesn’t really offer a motorcycle license but an endorsement for your driver’s license that proves your eligibility to operate such vehicles in the state? You may have an off-road vehicle that you are planning to bring out for the summer and don’t really know what is required for legal operation. Well, either way, 4DMV.com is the best online resource for all the driver information in Colorado you may need – including for motorcycle operators in the state.

Motorcycle Licensing in Colorado

If you wish to operate your qualified motorcycle in Colorado, you will first need to obtain the Motorcycle Class M endorsement placed on your license. There are no licenses offered in the state for motorcycle operation only. In order to get your Class M endorsement, there are a couple methods offered by the state.

  • First, you can take the written exam within the nearest driver’s licensing office, completing the on-bike skills exam as well at the same or a third-party company accredited by the state. This is the most inexpensive method for most motorcycle riders in Colorado, and can be the simplest as well, as there are several resources offered online to help you study and get the necessary practice.
  • The second method allows you to sign up for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Training Course, offered within the state by third party companies following state guidelines and curriculum. This could be a slightly more expensive method but is effective nonetheless. For more information about the training course, you can visit Motorcycle Safety Foundation Training Course  
  • To take the Basic Rider Course Motorcyle Safety Foundation, dedicate 15 hours, as this is the typical length of the program, which will cover everything about operating motorcycles in Colorado. The program also involves a written and skills test.
  • Once you complete the course, you are issued Class M endorsement to your driver’s license, with fees depending on the company you choose, generally remaining no more than $200.

Motorcycle Operators Manual in Colorado

The Colorado motorcycle handbook is a key resource for studying for your motorcycle written exams in Colorado, ensuring that you are able to obtain your endorsement easily and fully prepared. Finding the handbook is made so easy through 4DMV.com, offering the best information that is possible online.

So, where is the motorcycle manual in Colorado? Well, first you have a direct source through the DMV office in your county, while you can also choose to download and print the handbook from the DMV website online.  Download your Motorcycle Manual online.

Getting your Class M motorcycle endorsement applied to your driver’s license will add an additional $2 to your driver’s license costs. If you wish to get more information, or request forms or your handbook by phone, call the Colorado DMV at 1-303-757-9466.

Colorado Motorcycle Registration

Titling and registering a motorcycle in Colorado can be quite the same as a vehicle, however there isn’t going to be an emissions test required first. Also there are different types of motorcycles that may have to follow different rules, if registration and titling is required at all. You can expect much lower registration fees for motorcycles, as registration fees are based on weight in Colorado.

            Colorado State Parks
            Registration Unit
            13787 S. Highway 85
            Littleton, CO 80125

You will receive your registration certificate within 2 to 4 weeks after application, which can also be done in person at the office in your county.


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