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The Colorado DMV has expanded its access to the internet, now offering most Colorado DMV forms online from a single room full of all documents and brochures that you can use within federal guidelines of course. There are those forms that cannot be printed and must be all-original, but most of the forms you will most typically need are offered right online. In order to access these forms, you will need Adobe Reader as they are all in PDF format, making them easy to download, save, and even print for use.

However, not all drivers are connected online or may choose to obtain their forms in person, which can be done by visiting your local CO DMV or title/registration office in your county.

Colorado Driver Licensing/Control Forms

You can find most of the Colorado licensing/control forms online by visiting the directory. Most of these forms are used for reinstatement and other license issues, but you can also locate various other forms as well, including:

Colorado Vehicle Emissions Forms

For vehicle emissions forms for matters such as formal complaint reports, filing for extension of emissions testing, or releasing liability of compliance with emissions after car is sold, you can visit Colorado Vehicle Emissions Forms

Colorado Vehicle Registration Forms

For registration of personal or business vehicles, you can obtain the appropriate applications and affidavit forms online at Vehicle Registration Forms

  • These forms will provide the necessary documentation and paperwork for a wide range of driver topics including:
  • Specialty Plate Applications
  • Registration of Moped
  • Handicap Parking Placard Request
  • Affidavit of Non-Use

Colorado Vehicle Title Forms

Owning a vehicle doesn't happen with the click of your fingers. In fact, there are various forms that will need to be submitted to the DMV, most of which in person, but there are forms available online, which you can obtain by visiting Vehicle Title Forms. More specifically, the following forms are most commonly required for typical driver services that you are most likely to encounter at one time or another.

There is a DMV point system, license suspension/reinstatement brochure also provided online from the Colorado DMV to ensure you are clear about the violations, points association, and penalties thereof.


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