CO Bill of Sale

Are you selling a Colorado vehicle, or perhaps purchasing a used Colorado vehicle, and don't really know if a Colorado Bill of Sale should be used? Well, in most cases, you want to use the Bill of Sale to document any sell, whether you are the buyer or the seller, as its main purpose is to prove that the sale took place at all. In Colorado, however, the Bill of Sale form is required for relinquishing your ownership of a vehicle that you have sold, or registration of a vehicle or transfer of a title to a vehicle you have just purchased.

Colorado Bill of Sale Requirements

The Bill of Sale in Colorado must be first signed by the seller of the vehicle, with the necessary information reflected on the form:

  • Vehicle Buyer's Full Name
  • Transaction or Sale Price, if any
  • Vehicle Identification Number, VIN
  • Vehicle Make, Model, Year

It is easy to obtain and complete the Bill of Sale, which must also have the date of the sale, and the odometer reading for it to be acceptable proof of the vehicle's sale or purchase

1.  Visit Colorado Bill of Sale form to download and print Colorado Bill of Sale form.

2.   Once completed by both seller and buyer, notarize or obtain title perjury statement.

3.   Submit to Colorado DMV in-person.

If you are the seller, the Bill of Sale form will provide you with the release of obligation to the vehicle, meaning that you will no longer be responsible for an:

  • Tickets
  • Offenses
  • Other type of situations the vehicle encounters with the new owner, regardless of whether or not the new owner has properly transferred documentation to their name

 If you are the buyer, this form will provide you with the proof you need to complete the proceeding processes to register, title, and drive the vehicle in your name.

There are several other resources where you can find a generic Colorado Bill of Sale, or even an entire kit that will provide you with the instructions and all documentation that you will need for completing the Bill of Sale, whether you are buying or selling a Colorado vehicle. For other forms you may need when buying or selling a vehicle in Colorado, including for special circumstances, ou can visit All Forms by Title  where you can find forms by number, title, or topic, as well as publications offered by the CO DMV by topic as well.


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