CO Traffic Schools

Receiving a traffic ticket in Colorado isn’t the end of your rope, as there are options in the state for rectifying the situation and righting your wrong. In fact, there are Colorado traffic schools that are designed exactly for that – providing you with the means of repairing your situation by obtaining the training that will improve your driving skills and lessen the chances that you will be receiving other violations in the state.

Choosing a Colorado approved traffic school in your county is a great way to remove violations from your Colorado driver’s report, showing your effort to learn what you did wrong. If you aren’t sure what schools to attend, there are various state schools online and offline. Finding a CO traffic school online is a great way to solve your issue without having to step foot out of your front door.

Once you have successfully completed the appropriate Colorado traffic training course, you may be able to completely remove the ticket from your driver’s license – which is never guaranteed. The type, frequency, and severity of your violation will be a factor that affects whether or not your points are removed from your driver record through the use of a training class.

On the other hand, you will also find that your driving skills are improved, and even without a traffic ticket, these courses could greatly improve your on-road safety and decrease your insurance rates.

State Patrol Classes in Colorado

  • The state of Colorado offers different classes within these traffic schools, with Alive at 25 one of the top programs, which is sponsored in part by the National Safety Council. This class is targeted to those younger drivers such as first time drivers and continuing drivers, ages 15 to 25. This is purely defensive instruction, which is much different than the driver’s ed in Colorado.
  • Offered in a 4 hour course, there are several locations offered throughout Colorado, which you can find at  Alive at 25 Driving Education. Your cost is dependent on the situation, such as a $30 fee for those seeking to lower insurance rates, and a $75 for those that were court ordered or advised by a Colorado attorney to enroll in the class.
  • If you are seeking a lower insurance rate, make sure that your insurance carrier will reward your efforts and discount your rates for taking such classes.
  • There is also an Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving, or ADoD class offered in Colorado, which offers a great course for brushing up on your driving skills and repairing your misshapen driving record in Colorado. This class takes 8 hours, offering instruction on every element of Colorado driving. You will be given the tips needed to determine unsafe situations for driving, how to make wiser choices, and how to understand what factors can create more risk for drivers.
  • To sign up for the Colorado ADoD class, visit the website, which will show you the classes offered all year round, with a single cost of $150 regardless of situation. You should also check with your carrier if you are seeking lower insurance rates through these classes as well, as not all providers reduce your rates for attendance.

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