CO Lemon Law

Whether you are buying a brand new vehicle fresh off the car lot or purchasing a vehicle used that has been through its share of owners, there are guidelines for the vehicle that is being sold, which fall under the Lemon Law of Colorado. Much like other laws, rules, and guidelines, Colorado’s Lemon Law is different than that found within other states, so knowing the law where you live is very critical. What may fly in other states may not be allowed in Colorado and vice versa. Understanding the Lemon Law where you are purchasing your vehicles can help you be sure that you don’t waste all your hard earned dollars on a vehicle that shouldn’t be on the road at all.

The Colorado Lemon Law is also known as the Warranties Act of Colorado, and regulates

  • New car, truck, and van sales which are under warranty. If there is a recurring malfunction that can inhibit the operation of the vehicle, as well as lessen the value of the vehicle, more so than typical depreciation, the Lemon Law will come into effect to protect consumers from being stuck with a dud when it is still under warranty.
  • If after a year, the dealer of the vehicle has made every attempt possible to correct or repair the issue (yes, it must be the same not a new issue), then the Lemon Law can be used by the buyer of the vehicle in order to rectify the situation properly. The Colorado Lemon Law Statute defines reasonable attempts as at least four repairs or a total of 1 month or 30 days within a licensed auto repair shop within a year.
  • If you find that after a year and reasonable attempts to repair the vehicle’s defect, there is still no fix, putting the Lemon Law to use will begin with contacting the manufacturer representative found in your vehicle’s operation manual. Everything that you have gone through must be documented, from the initial complaint of the defect, to the several times a repair was attempted, to the length of time your vehicle was in the auto repair shop.

**It is important that you know that no motorcycles or motorhomes are covered by the Colorado state Lemon Law.

  • If you need more information concerning the Lemon Law in Colorado, you can contact the Colorado Attorney General, with information found at Automobile Sales -New,  in order to determine how, where, and why to go through with Lemon Law claims in Colorado. You can also find the official language of Colorado law in order to make correct documentation of the incident.

To make a complaint of find out more about making your complaint, you can contact the Attorney General at one of the following numbers:

  • 1-303-866-5189
  • 1-303-866-5230
  • 1-800-332-2071

You can also contact the BBB Auto Line at 1-800-955-5100 for more information about claims concerning the Lemon Law.

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