CO State Regulations

There are various California state regulations that pertain to vehicles and drivers in the state when it comes to buying and selling new or used vehicles in Colorado. Understanding these regulations is something that you can’t avoid as you are responsible for acting according to these regulations – with no exceptions. If you fail to abide by these regulations, the penalties could be costly for you and could cause issues that you will wish you would have avoided completely.

Sell a Colorado Vehicle

When you put a vehicle up for sale, the wait for a buyer could be any time length, but when that call or knock at the door arrives, you are more than ready to hear the price and make negotiations. When you finally do sell your vehicle, there are various documents that are your responsibility to provide the new vehicle owner in order to provide them with the necessary paperwork for the title transfer.

  • Colorado Vehicle Certificate of Title, which must be signed off by all owners with the new owner signing as the buyer. The seller’s box is located on the reverse side of the title and must be signed by the seller before the vehicle can be transferred properly. The address of the vehicle buyer must also be listed on the form.
  • For vehicles 10 model years old or less, you must garnish the buyer with an odometer reading that is confirmed by the buyer.
  • For vehicles purchased by those in regions which require emissions testing, the seller must obtain the appropriate certificate.
  • The Colorado Bill of Sale is required for Colorado vehicle sales.

**The seller retains all plates for the vehicle, at which point the buyer must obtain the appropriate temporary permit.

Private party purchases can be the trickiest, and the most work for the buyer, as the buyer must ensure that they receive all necessary forms listed above from the seller before signing the title. If you don’t obtain these forms, you will be prevented from transferring the title into your name.

Colorado Vehicle Sale without Title

In the state of Colorado, you aren’t able to purchase or sell an untitled vehicle as this is the only way you can appropriately prove ownership and transfer the title to your name as well as register and plate the vehicle purchased.

However, there are a couple exceptions to the rule, provided that they meet the requirements. For example

  • If you are buying a vehicle from Canada, the registration document provided proves ownership, therefore the title isn’t necessary. The other Colorado untitled vehicle exception includes purchases from dealerships in which only a certificate of origin is provided, which can be used for registration of the vehicle until a title can be processed and sent to you.
  • So, if you are planning on selling a vehicle in Colorado, be sure to have the title ready as it will be required. If you have lost the title, find it damaged, or think that it was stolen from you, you should immediately contact the title and registration DMV office in your county to determine how to get a duplicate title or you could see 4DMV.com’s title replacement page.
  • A surety bond is necessary for all sellers that never had the title to begin with therefore cannot obtain a duplicate, or those that wish to purchase a vehicle without the title.
  • Purchasing a vehicle in Colorado does not require the seller to provide you with the registration certificate for the vehicle.

Buying from CO Dealership

  • The average new car is going to run you around $20,000 to $25,000, depending on where you are, the type of vehicle, and other factors as well. If you are interested in a sports vehicle or an SUV, you can expect a higher cost for the vehicle overall, as economy models are more tailored to the average income. All in all, no matter what type of new vehicle you purchase, it is a major purchase that is going to be nearly the cost of a new home, therefore should be done wisely.
  • While visiting a dealership for purchasing your new car can present the smoothest transfer of the title as all paperwork is pretty much taken care of by the dealer, however, it can be a bit stressful getting a new vehicle from a dealership due to the decisions you are presented with and the negotiations which always seem to be a bit ahead of you. Knowing how to buy a new vehicle involves knowing where to find and how to use the best research information and how to work with dealers to get the best price possible.

CO Buying and Selling Guides and Resources

There is more information out there than you can imagine helping you with buying and selling a vehicle, even in Colorado. State specific information is provided by the Colorado DMV to offer you the most information for the best comprehension of the processes to come and what to expect overall. You should also know your limits and the restrictions that are applied to you.

  • Utilize the Federal Trade Commission’s comprehensive guide online for purchasing a new vehicle with all the wisdom you will need, which can be found at Buying a Car.
  • The Colorado DMV also provides you with a great list of the essential CO car buyer’s tips to ensure that you are aware of what to expect and how to handle a dealership purchase. These tips are great for even purchasing a used vehicle from a private seller, and can be found online  at Buying Tips.
  • There is also a full section of leasing versus buying a vehicle offered by the Colorado DMV online at Lease or Buy to provide you with great buying and leasing FAQ’s you should have a look at before making your decision.

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