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Starting off on the right foot of driving in the state of California involves being aware of the laws and rules that you accept as you apply for and receive your California driver's license. 4Dmv.com can help you understand the various laws you should abide by within the state as a driver, also directing you to legal assistance if you ever may encounter a legal issue due to traffic violations, offenses, and other driver situations. Finding a quality attorney to assist when you are in a legal bind within California can be the difference between massive penalties and penalties that won't cause such a lasting effect.

Driver Resources for Understanding the California Statutes

If you aren't in full understanding of the California traffic and safety laws in effect as you obtain your California driver's license, there are several resources that you can indulge in and explore to better understand what responsibilities you accept as a California driver.

Reviewing these resources can be the best way to fully understand the laws that you are expected to follow as a California licensed driver.

DUI & DWI Laws in California

There are several different statutes against driving under the influence of any intoxicant, preventing you from causing a great risk on the road or being affected by a great risk on the road. California does impose a zero-tolerance law that prevents any driver under the age of 21 from consuming any amount of alcohol. Even with 0.01% BAC, you can be taken to jail with a DUI/DWI offense. At the same time, drivers over the age of 21 are not permitted to drive with a BAC of or more than 0.08%, as it constitutes driving under the influence.

  • If you are stopped by peace officers in California and they suspect you are intoxicated, you are required under the implied consent law to submit to testing for determination of your BAC level. If you refuse, you are going to face penalties, that could cause you to lose your license—even if you weren't intoxicated at all when you were asked for your drug testing submission.
  • Drunk driving is a serious offense in California, and could cause you to lose your license indefinitely if you commit several offenses within 10 years of each other. You should always remember that driving under the influence, even if you don't feel intoxicated, is never accepted within the state and can be greatly harmful to your driving privileges both in California and any other state you reside within.

Lawyers & Legal Aid in California

The first thing to remember is that you never have to go through legal crisis on your own in California. There are many traffic and DUI attorneys that specialize in traffic court procedures and can help you out when you are ever facing such a case. Although you never plan on getting a DUI, you should still be fully prepared for the situation if it were ever to occur.

  • If you do find yourself facing legal action, you can do no harm by seeking out a traffic or California DUI attorney online for the quickest connection to attorneys that can help you through your case. You can even get a free consultation with many to ensure that you are getting the advice you need towards legal defense. If you find that your budget doesn't exactly allow you to afford the legal defense that you need, contact the California legal aid office to see if you can receive no or low cost assistance towards covering your legal matters.

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