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There are several drivers these days that just aren’t quite sure what is on their California driving records, also known as MVR’s. Busy days and hard work or school schedules keep you going at a pace that doesn’t stop to inquire on much, especially how you are driving. However, the information on your driving record is essential to many things that may come along, including insurance policies you may try to get or a job that you have had your eye on. Also, employers find driving records to be very useful in pre-employment screening processes, detailing what their candidates’ driving history is really like—something an employer can benefit from knowing.

Your Personal California Driving Record

The state of California offers you the opportunity to obtain your California driving record directly from the DMV; however, there are many third party sources that will also offer your driving record in California within half the time. Getting your own driving record can be highly beneficial if you aren’t quite sure what is within your driver history. In fact, you can obtain jobs much easier, insurance policies much cheaper, and refrain from high traffic penalties much easier if you know what is on your record.

  • You can even obtain a California driver’s record from the DMV for your spouse or your child if they reside within the same California address. You will need to complete the appropriate form in addition to the initial application, in order to view these records.

California Employer Driver Records

California employers have access to employee driving records in order to ensure that their pre-employment processes are efficient and effective. Especially when a position warrants driving on the job, an employer is going to need to know what to expect within the driving record before hiring.

  • The California DMV also offers employers these records, while there are many third party services that will honor large requests in a shorter amount of time. The fee for the records may be a bit higher, but the overall turnaround is much quicker.

What’s in Your California Driving Records?

Knowing what is in your California driver’s history is very important before you attempt to obtain one. There is a small fee attached to the application process, and you want to know that the report is going to yield the information you are looking for.

  • Traffic tickets
  • Traffic points
  • Traffic violations
  • Suspensions
  • Sometimes accidents

The driver history will give you an idea about your driver’s license status, such as the validity and whether or not you have received any sanctions in the recent past. Employers use these reports to ensure employees meet their standards before they are hired, which is a great method of ensuring credibility of their employees.

Getting Someone Else’s California MVR

While an MVR is a public record that can be accessed by anyone, there must be a genuine interest in the records for a legitimate purpose. In other words, as you complete the application, the California DMV will determine whether your search of the records is warranted. If it is found that you are not warranted to be looking at these records—such as you just want to see for personal interest—there are high penalties imposed by the DMV.

How to Get Your MVR

Getting your California driving history is easy. There are a few short steps to follow and a small fee to pay, after which you will obtain the records you need.

If you wish, you can also utilize the California DMV site online California Driver’s Record Request by visiting and following the on-screen directions.

If you decide to mail the form, you will mail to the California DMV at:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Office of information Services
Public Operations Unit G199
P.O. Box 944247
Sacramento, California 94424-2470

You must enclose the application and a check or money order to the DMV.

If you are obtaining someone else’s MVR, you will need to complete form INF 70D as well, which you can download online at Instructions for Completing INF 70 Request For Record Information 

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