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Owning a recreational vehicle or motorhome offers such a great feeling, being able to travel the road with the same comfort of your own home. Extending trips and saving money along the way is what it is all about, having comforts that hotels and other accommodations just can’t provide. First, however, you must fully understand your responsibilities before you are able to venture your RV or motorhome on the California roadways you so love to travel.

Registering Your RV and Motorhome

Just like with cars and trucks, you will register your RV or motorhome with the DMV before you are given permission to legally travel the roadways. Registration of your RV or motorhome must be done within 10 days of purchasing, and is done with the Application for Title and Registration form that is used for registering your car. This form can be downloaded or can be mailed to your home by calling 1-800-777-0133.

1.   Obtain RV or Motorhome vehicle insurance, minimum coverage accepted by California state DMV

2.   Complete REG 343 Application for Title and Registration

3.   Provide Bill of Sale

4.   Smog Certification is required and must be obtained within past 90 days

5.   Pay fees associated, which can be calculated online at Vehicle Registration Fee Calculator

6.   Get your registration card and license plates, affixing your stickers immediately

7.   Get on the road

You will pay various fees to register your motorhome or RV, including a title transfer fee of $18, a base registration fee of $34, and a smog abatement fee of $20 if your vehicle is less than 6 years old or older than 30. Usage tax may also be applied to the costs for registration, which can differ from one RV or motorhome to the next.

Renewing RV and Motorhome Registration

When it is time to renew your registration for your motorhome or RV, you will find that the process is much simpler than first-time registration. In fact, you can even complete the entire process from your own home online at Online Vehicle Registration Renewal. Smog certification will be asked for every 2 years within some counties in California, with more information found based on county at Smog Requirements. You can also find locations to obtain smog certification.

If you renew your registration in person, you will need to bring your valid driver’s license and the renewal notice with you, as well as smog certificate if requested. To set an appointment with your local DMV, you can visit the official site at Appointment System  or call 1-800-777-0133.

Nonoperational Registration of California Parked RV and Motorhome

Not everyone is going to operate their RV or motorhome each year. There may be times when the vehicle is out of commission and you are seeking time to restore or repair it or even times when you know you have to buckle down on expenses, which means cutting your RV or motorhome vacations. Either way, you must still register the vehicle if it is parked within the state of California, which will cost $16 for a nonoperational registration.

·    For more information about how to apply for nonoperational registration of an RV or Motorhome in California, you can view the nonoperational registration renewal brochure online at Reporting Vehicle Status Registered vs Non operational FFVR 01

·    There is also a California Recreational Vehicles and Trailers Handbook offered online to ensure that you are fully aware of the type of vehicle you are operating, the regulations of operating these vehicles on the road, and what you must do to keep your vehicle legit. This handbook can be viewed at California Recreational Vehicles and Trailers Handbook.

·    If you would prefer to obtain these publications by mail, please call 1-800-777-0133 to speak to a California DMV representative who will ensure that your questions are answered and the publications you need are sent immediately. You can also pick them up at a local DMV office near you.


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