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One major consideration when moving is definitely going to be hooking up utilities, as you can't live without these essential services. From water to lights, and even entertainment such as cable, internet, and phone, you should be able to enter the state of California and quickly as well as easily install these utilities to ensure that you are able to enjoy the new home you have purchased or leased. Getting your utilities on is often associated with a great deal of time spent on the phone and from office to office locally—but 4dmv.com will show you how you can start each one of your utility services online in no time, all at once.

Online California Utility Connection

  • The days of going through each utility service one-by-one and hooking each up are over. In fact, you can now hook every service you need up with one simple form online through Whitefence. In order to get started, simply visit Connect All Your Home Services Online, enter your new home address, and choose the utilities offered to your address, specifying the date of installation or start.
  • This is by far the easiest way to connect your utilities, but doesn't have to be the only option. In fact, you can still go about connecting your utilities the old-fashioned way, with many utility companies now offering online services to ensure that you aren't stuck on the phone all day, having to report in-office to make your payments, and able to get the services you need with the highest level of efficiency. Depending on the county you are in, your utility companies will differ, and you will find that there are different methods available to start-up each.
  • Connecting your California utilities can be such a breeze with companies like WhiteFence.com, ensuring that you aren't waiting in lines, sitting on the phone, or looking for the right utility companies when you could be instead taking care of all your other duties as a new California resident and/or driver. Even if you choose not to use the online services, there are several directories online that can help you better locate the appropriate utilities for your area of service, giving you the opportunity to quickly track down the services and providers that you need for your move to California.


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