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Having your registration card for your California vehicle at all times is very important, but if your card is lost or stolen, or even damaged, it can be difficult to uphold this standard. 4dmv.com knows that you are going to encounter issues in which you are no longer able to hold the registration card as you are supposed to, at which time you should seek out the appropriate replacement of California registration that is going to ensure you are driving legit on the roads of the state.

Who Needs California Duplicate Registration Services?

Conveniently, California offers the same form and process required for duplicate registration, stickers, and/or plates. There are a variety of reasons why you may need to replace your California registration, stickers, and/or plates, which includes if they are missing, if they have been stolen, or if they are mutilated or no longer able to be read.

  • Unfortunately, we don’t all live in an honest world. There are those out there that profit from stealing from others, as shameful as it may seem. From teens to adults, you can often find criminals switching plates on vehicles to give them a more legit-looking license plate for carousing around town creating more mischief, while there are those that will break in the vehicle in an attempt to steal things of value, even taking all your vehicle’s documents, which could include the registration. And again, you can find criminals that are petty enough to steal the very sticker from your license plate, giving you an expiration date displayed as years previous, while they drive around with your updated sticker.
  • Then again, there are sometimes lost or missing registration cards, stickers, and plates that are the fault of no one but yourself or someone in your family or friend circle that may have misplaced these items during some sort of activity. Of course, you may ask yourself how these items are coming up missing as you typically only need them for a specific reason that only arises once in a blue moon, but it happens and there is something you can do about it with the advice and direction of 4dmv.com.

What Forms Are Required?

While you may think that retrieving duplicates of these items is going to take mounds of paperwork and a great deal of time, you can find yourself quite surprised to find that this is one of the simplest and least time consuming processes that really doesn’t require a great deal of paperwork at all. In fact, this process can be handled online if you prefer.

For those that prefer to California registration replacement to be completed in-person or by mail, however, there is a simple form to complete that will ensure you get the replacement document or items that you need quickly.

This application can be obtained by mail if you call and request from the California DMV at 1-800-777-0133. You can also obtain this form to print out from the online California DMV site.

While this is the proper form for completion of your request for a duplicate registration card, sticker, or your license plates, if you have special interest or personalized plates, you will have to complete the appropriate form, depending on the plates you are seeking to replace:

You can even complete the special interest license plate or special license plate application online. To find out more about replacing your plates specifically, you can visit Obtain Duplicate or Substitute License Plates and Stickers

Fees You Will Have to Pay

Again, replacing your registration, whether you obtain online replacement of California registration or you do it in person or by mail, is cut and dry—even with your fees. The fee is simple.

  • Replacement Registration Fee: $18
  • Replacement Sticker Fee: $18
  • Replacement Standard Plate Fee: $18

Only if you are replacing standard plates are you going to pay $18, otherwise you must pay the additional cost for the special or personalized plate you are obtaining as specified by the California state DMV.

Where to Complete the Process for Duplicate Registration

Whether you are getting duplicate registration by itself or require replacement of the plates and sticker as well, you will perform each task in the same application, through the same process, through the same place.

  • Online Replacement of California Registration
  • California Duplicate Registration by Mail
  • Replacement of California Registration at Local Office In-Person

Completing Online

If you prefer California registration replacement online, the process can be completed through Cartagz Vehicle Registration. Simply complete the form, including your name, address, license plate number and driver’s license number, submit and pay the $29 plus any DMV fees applied, and wait for confirmation.

Completing by Mail

If you rather complete the process by mail, you can follow a simple procedure that is as quick as it is easy:

  • Call 1-800-777-0133 or visit  Application for Replacement, Plates, Stickers, Documents to obtain your form by mail or download
  • Complete the form including your name, current mailing address, Driver’s License number, and plate number, with your signature to confirm.
  • Mail the completed form to:

California Department of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 942869
Sacramento, CA 94269

  • Pay $18 fee online by e-check, by cash, check, or money order, as well as debit/ATM or credit card for each duplicate item you obtain.
  • Receive your registration card, sticker, and/or plates within the mail by the time specified during confirmation.

Completing In-Person

  • To complete in person, call 1-800-777-0133 or visit Appointment System to set an appointment with your local DMV for a time that works best with you. This is the best way to avoid standing in line all day when you rather be relaxing at home or at work making the money to pay your many bills. Bring the completed Application for Replacement Plates, Stickers, Documents with you, as well as any damaged items to return to the DMV.
  • If you are replacing your license plates, you will be required to submit the damaged plates if available to the DMV at the time of applying for a duplicate. Also, if any items are stolen, especially plates or stickers, law enforcement must be contacted immediately to ensure that you are protected from criminal or civil liability associated with these plates.

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