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Registering and plating your vehicle in California is perhaps the most important step in getting on the road. These two processes typically remain together when you get a new vehicle, whether it is new off the lot or a used vehicle from a lot or private seller. Many of the plating services and new car registration in California are done through a simple form—the Application for Title or Registration, which can be downloaded online.

You may also receive some of these services, such as registration renewal, special interest plate ordering, or title transfers online through various sources, from the California DMV site at  Cartagz.Vehicle Registration.

The various processes you encounter during registration and plating will depend on you, the vehicle, your needs, and any special services you may require or desire, including personalized plating and special license plate and placard ordering for disabled drivers.

4dmv.com Will Direct You to Required Forms

Let 4dmv.com direct you to all the forms that are required with a full description of how you can get registration and plates in California easily and with the lowest cost to you. Find out what to do if you lose your vehicle’s registration, your registration renewal notice, or even if your plates are lost, stolen, or even damaged during an accident or some sort of incident. You can get a list of all forms required for the services you need, as well as the fees that you can expect for the services you obtain. The California DMV even offers various fee calculators online in order to determine an approximate price for registration and plating services you are looking for, which can be found at Vehicle Registration Fee Calculator.

4dmv.com offers a full outlook on the driving requirements within the state of California, as well as what to do with your California plates and registration if you sell, gift, or donate a vehicle.

Extra Services and Information You May Need

If you just aren’t sure what service forms you are going to need for your registration, including plating, in the state of California, you can view the checklist offered at Checklists for Vehicle Registration.

This can be a great way to determine what you need to bring, or send by mail if available, to complete the process your services require.

Online Services and Communication Options You Should Know About

If you would like to see what registration and plating services California offers online, you can view the online services online at Online Services and Communication Options.

  • You can obtain any forms by mail, or even set an appointment for services to be obtained in person by calling 1-800-777-0133. If you prefer to make an appointment online, you can visit Appointment System

Knowing What You Can

Whether you need California new or used car registration, special or personalized plates and placards, to change your name or other registration and title information, or what to find out more about the required inspections to get your registration completed, everything that you need is offered clearly through 4dmv.com. These are definitely important steps in driving legally within the state of California, with processes that aren’t going to be the same as every other state in the U.S. You may find that you have much different fees and forms for California registration and plates or any other services that you may need through the DMV.

Who Needs These Services?

If you are planning to drive in the state of California, you are going to need registration and plating services from the moment you obtain ownership of the vehicle. If you are purchasing a new or used car, you can even use the California DMV to obtain publications and resources that can help you make the wisest choice, which is something that you should consider especially during a used car buy. These services are offered to ensure that you remain on the road with optimal transportation, valid driving privileges, and a vehicle that is legally recognized as your own.

Those selling a vehicle also require these services offered if they have special interest or special license plates on a vehicle they are selling. In order to keep or release these tags during the purchase, you will have to complete the appropriate form—Special Interest License Plate Application or Special License Plate Application. These forms can be obtained one of 3 ways: online, by phone, or in person at your local DMV office.

You will be required to pay the appropriate fees for any services you receive as a buyer or seller, at which time you will be given the appropriate items or they will be sent to you via mail.

4dmv.com is the best resource today for really getting down to business when it comes to determining the appropriate forms and costs for the services you need from the California DMV. You should have easy access to drivers and motor vehicle services, which is why 4dmv.com provides all the information needed for any service you can receive through the DMV in a platform that you can understand easily and follow to the exact resources for the most time-efficient searching of services and how to complete the processes you need.


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