Address Change

Getting an address change in California to ensure correct information on your license, registration, voting registration, ID, and all other DMV reports and records can be done without much effort or even any cost to you. The state of California has special requirements for changing this information to ensure that all records and identification items are changed properly and within the appropriate amount of time. This is an important step in ensuring that you are recorded properly in the state of California as a driver, voter, and resident. 4dmv.com offers the information that you should use to make such a change efficiently and properly with the California DMV.

Why You Must Complete an Address Change

  • While you might think that completing an address change with the California DMV is no big deal, it is much more necessary than you think. When you receive services from the DMV, they must know where to send your documents to, most of which are confidential and can be quite sensitive for mailing to an inaccurate address. Other people that receive your mail are supposed to return to the post office—but that doesn’t mean they all do. In fact, there are some people out there that will go as far as to open your mail and even use it-sometimes even throwing it away!
  • When you register your vehicle or apply for a new title, or obtain any other items or services through the DMV, your address is needed to send the appropriate items, which could include your new plates, vehicle registration cards, vehicle registration renewal notice, and title. Paperwork you may have left out, costs that weren’t paid, and other requirements you may need to know about may not reach you in time, if at all, leaving you without much needed information for the DMV services you are trying to obtain.
  • Then again, you have the issue of traffic tickets, which you always hope you don’t ever receive but could be a possibility at one point or another. There may be a late fee or penalty you need to pay and forget about, but without your current address on file, you will not receive information about. If you need to renew your registration, you may miss the expiration date and receive late penalties, and there can be great ramifications in other situations as well.

What Is Needed to Start?

In order to begin your California address change, you will need your current driver’s license or identification card, as well as your social security card, and current vehicle registration. Once you have collected these items, you can download the Change of Address form online, bringing with you to your local department of Motor Vehicles office in California, or mail in to:

California Department of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 942869
Sacramento, CA 94269-0001

If you would like to complete the change of address in California online, you can use the DMV site with other sites also offering the online change of address form for California residents as well. Unless you request a duplicate license or identification card displaying your new address, you will not be charged any fees for this change.

The Overall California Change of Address Process

  • Complete the change of address form provided through the platform you choose, whether in person at the DMV office closest to you in California, the online printed form, or the online e-copy from one of the sites offered.
  • Provide all personal information, including the new and old address and your signature.
  • Pay any associated fees, depending on your specifically used services, including that for a new license, which will be $22.
  • Mail in form if you are mailing, with the appropriate fees, or submit in person or online.
  • Receive your confirmation online or the change of address sticker in the mail or in person.

If you are a CDL driver, you will need to report these changes online. If you do not obtain a new license, you will receive a change of address certificate that will prove your change of California address, which is needed for obtaining license, registration, and voter registration.


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