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CA Driving Manuals

When it comes to driving in California, there is really no excuse for misunderstanding the laws you are bound by in the state. There are resources in the form of California driver manuals, offered in various forms to ensure you are able to understand the rules you commit to as you jump behind the wheel of any vehicle within the state.

Accessing California Driver Handbooks

No matter which handbook you are looking for or need, there are different ways you can access the handbooks, whether online or off. If you aren't able to access these publications online, you are always given the opportunity to stop by the local DMV and pick one up, as you may even find them lining a shelf within the office, offered for free to all drivers in the state. If you would prefer, you could also call 1-800-777-0133 and request the handbook you need for the type of driving you do.

Getting online is the easiest method to getting your California driver handbooks, with both HTML and PDF formats offered for your ease of access.

These are the best publications offered for the different types of drivers in the state of California, providing you with guidance to understand road signs, traffic laws, safety laws, and driver responsibilities. In order to access and download the PDF format handbooks, you will be required to have the most current Adobe Acrobat Reader installed within your computer, while the HTML is offered in a web format that doesn't need downloading or Adobe Reader.

Translated Handbooks

Foreign drivers seeking a California license of any type can receive these handbooks translated to various languages:

  •   Tagalog
  •   Russian
  •   Chinese
  •   Korean
  •   Vietnamese
  •   Spanish

These handbooks can be received through visiting the local DMV field office and requesting the language you need, or by calling 1-800-777-0133.

Other Valuable California Driving Manuals

If you are looking for further resources that could assist you with teaching or learning driving rules, safety, and responsibility within California, there are a couple others that are commonly requested and could offer the information you need.

There are other comprehensive forms and publications offered for a variety of driver types situations and vehicles as well as CA DMV procedures  or Forms


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