CA Traffic Schools

If you commit a traffic offense in California and need to rectify the ticket you received, you will have different options depending on the type of ticket and reason you received the ticket as well. One of your options for some tickets is to report to California traffic school and get training in the various laws of California streets, followed by certification that will resolve your ticket, removing it and the points associated from your license and driving record.

If you aren’t sure where to find these schools, how to enter, and what they can do for you, 4dmv.com can fill you in on the details you need. From the sources of information that can help you find traffic school in California to details of enrolling and completing the course, you have a broad base of information that will provide great guidance when you are seeking a method for resolving traffic tickets.

  • Check with traffic court of the ticket-issue county for specifications of California traffic course locations or whether your ticket is able to be resolved through these courses.
  • If you are able to choose a school on your own, view the Traffic Violator School Classroom Location List found online detailing locations for all California approved traffic schools.
  • Enroll by bringing with you your driver’s license, tickets or statements from the traffic court specifying requirements for traffic courses, and the appropriate fee, which varies from county to county and school to school.
  • Complete the course by attending for the required hours, completing the final exam, and passing with a satisfactory mark.
  • Receive your certificate that will be submitted to the California DMV and traffic court, used for various processes you may encounter next.
  • Drive safely, avoiding further occurrences that may not allow you to use a traffic course to resolve.

Knowing your options when it comes to resolving your California traffic ticket with traffic school, finding these schools, and completing them adequately is very important if you want to stay on the streets without a great deal of points added to your record and driver’s license.


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