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Looking for a job these days goes much further than your resume. In fact, there is personal information about you that will be researched by potential employers as they seek to ensure you are the candidate that they can trust to enter their company. If you have a lot of discrepancies within your background, it can block many opportunities, while also providing employers with a means of verifying who you are and other information that you may provide.

Background checks are often the tool used by employers who are looking for a way to gauge your credibility, as these records detail a great deal about your past, from past employment, to criminal history and much more.

The state of California, while conforming to federal regulations, place stricter restrictions on what can be viewed or reported within the report obtained through a background check. Typically, within the state of California, employers may only look as far back as 7 years before they are restricted from viewing any further information-- “Seven Year Rule”.

Getting a Background Check in California

You will find that most states follow the same process when it comes to performing a background check, many of which are commonly obtained online these days. Employers will have to follow a different process, however, in order to obtain the report within the confines of California background check regulations.

  1. Provide disclosure to those you perform background check on, informing them of the check.
  2. Name, address, and phone number of agency from which the report is to be received.
  3. Nature and scope of report to be requesting.
  4. Offer for employee or applicant to receive a copy of report.
  5. Summary of rights to view background check files. (FCRA)
  6. Obtain written authorization of individual for report to be obtained.
  7. Provide all forms and authorization to agency from which report is to be received.

If you are receiving the report for yourself, you can obtain it with an ID card or the ID or DL number and/or social security number, giving you access to a report that will give you a better picture of what employers are going to view as they perform their own background check.

Checking For and Fixing Errors

No one ever said that your background check will always be accurate. With the large volume of residents that come through the DMV and state court systems, it is quite possible for a representative to mistakenly use the wrong social security or case number when inputting information that goes into these background criminal records. Employment records could also yield mistakes, or be void of positions that you have obtained and performed well within. To ensure that your background check is correct, you must get your own, review, and contact the local DMV or court clerk to have these mistakes removed and/or fixed.

  • Whether your perform an online background check with one of the many services offered or obtain in person through the County Clerk or DMV, you will be provided with information that you should know about, detailing you from the past to the present.


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