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When it comes to getting on the road and obtaining other related DMV services, you must know who to deal with and how to get in contact with the DMV office. Without the right California DMV phone numbers, you can find yourself redirected between various offices that don’t have the information that you need. When you need DMV information or services, however, you just don’t have the time to waste in calling one office after the other. 4dmv.com is the best resource for finding the California DMV numbers that you require to get your services in a time frame more suitable to you, with the appropriate contact method for your individual needs.

There are several California driver and resident services and motor vehicle industry specific services offered through the many different California DMV offices, all which have a phone number for convenient contact to the offices you need for the services you need. Navigating towards the services that will get you on the road or provide you with the appropriate driver services requires the use of the appropriate phone number, even if you are just checking on the status of an application.

California DMV Phone Directory

There are several separate California DMV offices, all which are pertinent to different services. 4dmv.com has collected all the necessary and applicable California DMV telephone contact numbers so you are easily able to track down the office you need and get the phone help that you are in need of as well. You can visit for a complete California DMV Telephone Directory

The directory includes all California DMV division numbers:

  • California DMV Field Offices
  • Motor Carrier Division
  • Licensing Operations Division
  • Occupational Licensing Division
  • Driver Safety Branch
  • Registration Operations Division

There are more commonly used numbers, however, that are good to know for most services sought out by the California DMV by drivers today.

  • Setting appointments, obtaining driver forms and other licensing and registration information: 1-800-777-0133.
  • Setting appointments, other than standard license or motorcycle road exams, through automated phone system, including for multiple service requests with much faster service: 1-800-921-1117.
  • Hearing impaired general licensing and registration information and appointments: TTY 1-800-368-4327.

If you use the California DMV phone services, you are given the opportunity to voice any complaints, suggestions, or praise through the online customer phone service comment form. This service allows the California DMV phone services to remain optimal for use and efficient in serving your needs.

DMV Any Time also provides information about phone services offered through the DMV at any time of the day, giving you the chance to work with the DMV on your own schedule, located online at DMV Any Time.


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