• New Car Buying Guide

CA New Car Buying Guide

Are you in the market for a new car and want to make sure that you are prepared for your California vehicle requirements and responsibilities? Purchasing a new car in California may be a bit less tedious for you than purchasing a used vehicle when it comes to the DMV, but you still have responsibilities to uphold and considerations to think about.

Why Purchase a New Vehicle?

With all the used vehicles out there with prices considerably lower than that of new cars, you may ask yourself why it's even worth it, but there are great benefits you receive when you purchase a new car over a used car. When it comes to the paperwork, you have a lot less to worry about, while used car buyers have to take on registration and plating on their own in most cases. With a new car, however, you will find that a dealer is often the one to take care of all this paperwork that you really don't want to deal with.

  • There are definitely some plus sides to getting a new car, which are not only given but obvious as well. When you are dealing with a used car, you just never really know what you are purchasing until you have had it for some time and have found the issues that were likely the cause of the previous owners selling the vehicle, while new cars are brand new and can be provided with a warranty that protects you from extra costs.
  • Yes, the costs are going to be higher for a new car, but with the many incentives out there today, you can easily get the new car you really want without an extreme cost, many of which are now sold lower than ever. The new vehicle provides a bit more credibility and reliability than used vehicles that are known to cause a bit of stress from time to time, as you aren't dealing with a pre-owned vehicle that could have been abused or misused somewhere down the line.

Paying for Your New Car

Getting a new car is going to represent greater costs than with a previously owned vehicle, and for good reason. With the technologies available for vehicles today, you are getting more advanced machinery through new vehicles than that of older used vehicles. In some cases, there are older technologies found within the used vehicles as they aren't updated like new vehicles, some of which are even made for more gas or environmental efficiency.

  • Paying for your new vehicle isn't difficult however, as long as you have good credit and the income to match the price. Without a solid, stable, and adequate income, you aren't likely to have the choices you desire when getting your new car. It is believed that spending over 20% of your monthly income for each car payment per month is a bit frivolous and can present issues for you, which is a guideline that is essential to follow.
  • If you feel that your income is adequate for purchasing a new car, you definitely want to do your shopping around so you are able to find the vehicle you are most satisfied with, as well as rates you can agree with better. Always remember that the cost of the vehicle is not your only cost when purchasing a new car, and you will likely be required to also obtain full-coverage insurance over the vehicle to safeguard it in the event of damage or collision.
  • New car loans are often sought out for new vehicles, with some dealers offering on-the-lot financing for a certain rate that can be much higher or a bit lower than that of lenders. Getting a loan should be done with the wisest practices in place, with rates in mind, and with a good knowledge of the lending process and what it means for you. Getting your loan is going to raise the cost of the vehicle a bit as well, so this should be a top consideration for you when buying your new vehicle.

What Type of Vehicle Are You Looking For?

Your lifestyle says a lot about what type of vehicle is best for you, with larger families or uses requiring larger vehicles. If you are looking for a specific vehicle, there are several California new car dealerships to choose from with vehicles of all makes and models. This is definitely a top consideration when purchasing a new car as this will be a great investment with great costs that will gain you ownership of the vehicle after time and you want to be sure that the vehicle is something that will work with your lifestyle.

How to  Shop for Your New Car

Shopping for your new vehicle in California can be both simple and challenging at the same time. You know what you want, but does that vehicle provide the transportation and options that you most desire?  Knowing if the vehicle's value is going to remain at the cost is also something to consider, as you don't want to spend a great deal of money on a vehicle that isn't going to be worth it over time. Yes, a vehicle value will depreciate, but you don't want something that will completely lack value over time.

  • Find specific makes and models to take interest in based on function, fuel-economy, and price as well. Comparing the vehicles will lead you to a more appropriate decision, with many different vehicles only confusing you and getting you a bit discouraged. If you are sure what range you need to shop within, stick with it and don't buckle for any reason—even if you find that cherry red Corvette offered just a bit cheaper than usual!

New Car Research—Is it Necessary?

When buying a used car, you will follow the proper channels to research and evaluate the vehicle's worth, often times through vehicle history reports—however, what do you do with new cars?

Researching a new vehicle is a bit different and will involve checking the internet or other automobile resources to find out a bit more about the vehicle, the mechanics, logistics, and the anticipation for the vehicle's performance as well. Check reviews to determine whether the vehicle is really what you want as it will become yours and should be something that you value.

Lease or Buy?

There are a lot of people that don't really understand the difference between leasing and buying a new vehicle, but the difference is great. In fact, leasing is much more costly and can lead to greater stress than buying the vehicle as when you buy you are not getting the same financing. When it comes to leasing however, your repairs may be a bit easier to obtain as the vehicle is still the property of the dealership—an asset and a liability.

Online or In-Person?

Today's web offers the opportunity to purchase vehicles online, which can be something you may find convenient but should be aware of the risks for. When you purchase a vehicle online, you aren't getting the personal contact that is needed, or the physical assessment that can evaluate the value of the vehicle. Instead, you are getting a description and following your gut, which can sometimes be wrong. If you want to be sure that you get the vehicle you want, going in-person is a trip that shouldn't be taken for granted.

New Car Incentives

Purchasing a new car can provide incentives that aren't typically offered with used vehicles. For instance, there are dealership and manufacturer rebates, discounts, and bonuses that can lessen your costs greatly. At the same time, the government will award you with a tax credit for purchasing an environmentally efficient vehicle that promotes clean air—which is high priority within California.

  • Find out what rebates and other incentives apply to your new vehicle so you can easily get the vehicle you need with the breaks that you desire, and full knowledge of each for the vehicle you choose. The dealership will inform you of your rebates and bonuses, while you will need to save the receipt for your tax credit, if applicable.

New Car Taxes and Fees

Other than the price of the vehicle, you will find that there are taxes assessed both by the state of California and often the county as well. You will find that there are also other fees introduced, such as that for titling and tags, which will be taken care of by the dealer, provided you pay the costs. Insurance fees are another cost to consider if you are just getting your policy, with many dealers requiring that you are covered by full-coverage if you are leasing or financing the vehicle.

California Lemon Law

There is a lemon law in effect within California that prevents the purchase of a worthless vehicle advertised as much more. If you experience issues with a vehicle that needs repairs but cannot get the repairs accommodated by the dealer, your vehicle is still under the manufacturer's warranty or the lot warranty, and/or there are issues preventing proper use of the vehicle, you may be in for a refund or replacement of the vehicle provided the repairs won't replace use of the vehicle.

  • Make sure you are in full understanding of the lemon law before ever making a car purchase—new or used.

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