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CA Lemon Law

Within the state of California, the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act is highly enforced. Not sure what it is? It is the official name of what you may know better as the Lemon Law, preventing fraudulent auto sales to unsuspecting consumers. You have various rights to help you protect yourself against the purchase of vehicles that could very well be inadequate and in need of costly repairs that you may not be aware of. Through the law, sellers must inform you of the issues present within the vehicle, and are bound to follow various regulations against selling a vehicle under false pretenses.

  • The state of California’s Office of the Attorney General manages the Lemon Law and consumer complaints within the state, offering a great wealth of information that can help you determine your rights as a purchaser, lessee, or seller of a vehicle, with a full description and detail of the law found at Consumers Motor Vehicle Warranty and Lemon Law.

What Is Covered?

Any purchase of a new or used vehicle in the state of California is covered by the Lemon Law, which protects you from a purchase that is more costly than first anticipated. Simple repairs aren’t a big deal, and often times expected, but if there are serious malfunctions or repairs needed that you cannot resolve after several attempts to contact the seller are liable for return or replacement under the law at the seller’s expense.

  • The California ACP, Arbitration Certification Programs, is in effect within California, working with automobile manufacturers to help ensure that there is full compliance with California Lemon Law and regulations for new vehicles under warranty. You can find more information about the program at Arbitration Certification Program.
  • If you purchase a new or used vehicle within California, you should know what your rights are as a consumer to receive the product that you anticipate when you make your decision to buy. There is nothing worse than purchasing a vehicle only to find that the problems within are much more in costs than the value of the vehicle itself.
  • If you aren’t sure what your rights are, or how to make a complaint you can visit Consumers Motor Vehicle Warranty and Lemon Law to find out what you can do and more about the Lemon Law regulations within California.

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