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Looking for insurance is a task that you will have to complete in order to register your vehicle in the state of California. Driver and traffic safety in California is a top priority that is carried out through the appropriate vehicle insurance to ensure that the damages and injuries incurred on California streets are covered by those who cause them. It is your responsibility driving in California vehicles and roadways to maintain the proper liability insurance requirements in order to ensure you never have your driving privileges taken through suspension of your vehicle’s registration.

Getting Online Insurance Information

Today is definitely the age of the internet and e-services that can make everything that much easier and less time-consuming. In order to ensure that you have the appropriate insurance policy to ensure that you are able to provide the California minimum standard of financial responsibility, you may want to visit Insurance Requirements for Vehicle Registration.

  • 4dmv.com will ensure that you are never driving without the required insurance policy in the state of California. You must know your rights and responsibilities in order to ensure that you don’t have your vehicle’s registration suspended over an error that could have been rectified earlier. There are many different services these days that allow you to obtain the vehicle insurance that you need without even leaving home, with the California DMV and the California Department of Insurance offering all the tips and suggestions you need to locate the appropriate insurance policy.
  • Most insurance providers today will ensure that you are provided the state minimum policy when you apply for auto insurance, even online. As you are applying, you are asked for state-specific information that allows the provider to ensure that you are provided with a policy that is acceptable within California for the lowest price possible.

The state required minimum liability insurance in California is detailed at Insurance Requirements for Vehicle Registration, giving you an idea of what you will need as you apply for vehicle insurance. There are several different providers to choose from, all which offer competitive rates and will even provide online quotes and comparisons to help you make your decision easier.

  • Geico
  • Esurance
  • Progressive
  • Allstate
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Travelers
  • 21st Century
  • General Direct

Shopping for the Right Insurance Policy Online

Shopping for the right online auto insurance policy has other considerations as well—most specifically, the vehicle you are insuring. There are various policies offered for vehicles that may enter the California streets.

  • Car
  • Motorcycle
  • Commercial Automobile
  • SR-22
  • RV
  • Trailer
  • Sport Vehicle

Car Insurance

  • Driving a car in the state of California requires that you maintain the appropriate liability insurance that will provide compensation for damages and injuries, even death, in the event that you are determined to have caused or had part in causing a traffic accident. This type of insurance is offered online, and will ensure that you are able to register your vehicle. All insurance providers that cover a private-use vehicle in the state of California must report the insurance status within 30 days of any changes, including cancellation and reinstatement. This is not your responsibility, but you do want to make sure that the electronic transmission of your insurance status is received within the time limit by the DMV to ensure that you don’t lose registration of your vehicle.

Motorcycle Insurance

There are various forms of motorcycle insurance, all which are much different than that of cars and trucks of private-use in California.

  • Accessory Coverage
  • Comprehensive Physical Damage
  • Collision Insurance
  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage
  • Medical Payments Insurance

Understanding these and the many other types of motorcycle insurance can prevent you from encountering an accident that may be your financial responsibility, which can be quite costly without the appropriate insurance coverage of your motorcycle.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

  • Driving a commercial or business vehicle is subject to different insurance requirements within the state of California, which you must fully understand to protect yourself from liabilities that may be quite dangerous to your commercial driving status. In fact, improper insurance coverage can cause you to lose commercial driving privileges, which could mean losing your livelihood. Find out what requirements are applied to commercial vehicles, including Federal Motor Carrier policies, California CDL insurance requirements, CDL federal requirements, and any other information that you may need before getting on the road in California.

SR-22 Insurance Policies

  • In the event that you acquire a large number of points on your driver’s license or are involved in a traffic related incident that causes you to be put on an SR-22 insurance policy, you will need to expect much higher costs for insurance than that without SR-22. This type of insurance is an extra safeguard for the state of California, as well as others on the road you may encounter, and must be maintained without lapse for the specified amount of time before you are able to return to a standard insurance rate. Finding SR-22 policies is much more difficult than finding other policies as you represent a higher risk to the insurance provider.

RV Policies

  • There are many great California insurance policies offered for Recreational Vehicles traveling the state’s roadways and highways, some that will even provide extended coverage to passengers and things of value that may be held within the RV. You definitely want to use your time comparing various quotes in order to ensure that you are getting the best price and coverage for your RV.

California Trailer Insurance

  • Typically, you will find that trailers are covered by your California liability insurance policy, which is great for those that are on a budget but still require the proper insurance to cover their trailers, which can even include boat trailers. However, if you find your provider does not cover the trailer with your liability policy, you can check into upgraded policies that do, or providers that can provide the low cost insurance you seek.

Sport Vehicle Coverage

There are many sports these days that involve vehicles, from off-road cycling to dune buggies and other land and sea toys that also must be insured. Although not required, the sport vehicle insurance offered in California can protect you from costly financial obligations that can diminish your finances and cause other great financial stress, as well as civil problems to deal with.


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