Arizona DMV Driving Records

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Arizona DMV driving records show the driver just how responsible they have been in abiding by road rules and laws. DMV records are a history of errors the driver has made while behind the wheel and been caught. Employers often depend on these records to screen potential employees. Insurance companies depend on these records to gauge the risk of a potential policy holder. These records are also available to individuals that would like to check the status of their driverís license, or any other reason.

Why Check My Arizona DMV Driving Record?

An individual may order DMV driving records for a variety of reasons. Reasons to order your DMV records include:

  • Check to see if there are points that you can eliminate through a traffic school
  • Check the status of your driverís license
  • Check on tickets and violations
  • Check on points you accumulated
  • Check on auto accidents
  • Check to ensure there are no mistakes recorded
  • Check prior to seeking new employment
  • Check prior to purchasing new insurance

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How Do Arizona DMV Records Work?

Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles maintains DMV records on each driver in Arizona State. These records are a history of driving offense the driver has committed. DMV works on a point system, which they use to measure the level of severity in the driving offense. They also use a lifeline in which the driving offense will remain valid and on the individualís driving record. When a driver commits a driving offense, and are guilty, the offense will go on their record with the point value of the offense and remain there until it expires.

In addition to keeping up with your DMV record, remember to order vehicle history reports to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

What Will I See on My DMV Driving Record?

Your DMV driving records will show you:

  • Suspensions, revocations and cancellations
  • Traffic tickets, violations and points
  • Fines
  • Driverís license classification and endorsements
  • Departmental actions

How to Obtain Arizona DMV Driving Records

Arizona DMV records can be obtained by:

       1. Visiting your local DMV office

When you request the records at your local DMV office you will be required to bring the applicable fees with you. Whether your local DMV office will grant you the records on the spot, or will mail the records to you, will depend on their policies.

       2. Obtain your DMV records online.

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